Saturday, August 15, 2009

A.I. Rouge City ILM art dept. Crew

Anthropomorphic Pornotecture.
(I just coined that word)

A.I. Artificial Intelligence. COPYRIGHT ©2001 WARNER BROS. AND DREAMWORKS, LLC. All rights reserved.


  1. hey Wilson, just stopping by to say hello ) and thank you again for teaching me last summer. I still remember the difference in camera shots and the understanding of just simple lighting that you taught me. They're still really useful and valuable. I've recently graduated and found a job at 2k games in Boston. Let me know if you do drop by. I'll buy you a lobster ) hahaha

  2. thats a nice piece of ass!!! thanks for all the lessons too

  3. hey Ben, nice to hear from you as well! good luck with everything and send me a note at EA ok?

  4. Man we all look like babies....10 years.